Extol Worship Conference

Extol is a one night and one day conference designed to bring inspiration, solution and encouragement to worship and creative teams. Over one day and one night, teaching is brought by some of Australia’s most prominent worship leaders to support and position your team with biblical insight and practical skills to build a thriving creative ministry.

Extol began simply as in-house leadership training for our own creative team has quickly grown into a mandate to provide local, affordable access to high quality leadership and church-building content for teams working with any level of resource. As we saw the ears of other churches pricking up and felt the lean in from like-minded teams, we decided to throw open the doors to Extol and make this a conference that blessed and equipped the wider church.

Our aim is to create a moment in time at the beginning each year for you to hear from God, learn from great worship leaders and be encouraged alongside others serving God’s church across South Australia.