Sunday Kids

We love kids and believe this ministry is an important partnership between Journey UC and caregivers.

We take the utmost care with safety and childsafe practices so you can relax knowing that your kids are having a blast in a safe, age-appropriate environment where they can find friends, have fun and grow their faith in Jesus Christ.

Journey UC offers a fantastic kids program during 10am services across all campuses.

Creche: age 0-2

Journey UC Ridgehaven offers a fully equipped creche and parents room adjacent to the main worship space. Speakers and a viewing window ensure caregivers can still enjoy the service while caring for little ones.
Our team will be on hand to make you a cuppa and provide any assistance you need.

Groovers: preschool age

Groovers is a high energy, play driven program that provides a fantastic mix of teaching and fun for preschool age children.

Navigators: reception - year six

With worship, activities, craft and play, Navigators is a high energy, creative and engaging program for primary school aged children.

Kids Club

Kids Club is supercharged fun for primary school aged children on the last Friday of every month. It’s a great way for your kids and their friends to have a blast while learning more about Jesus.

Entry is $5. 4-6pm.